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Welcome to K Loans, the premier purchase mortgage specialist in America. When thinking of buying a home, start the process here at K Loans. Why? The reason is simple. The best interest rate in America means greater purchase power and/or the lowest monthly payment possible. 

Smart consumers compare loans and lenders. K Loans is so confident in our rate and fee structure, we encourage our clients to compare products, rates and fees to any lender in America. Our salary-based loan officers will find the right product for you and our exceptional customer service will insure you have a great home buying experience. We only charge a fixed fee regardless of the loan amount and we can pre-qualify you in minutes, so you can make an offer today!

Fill out our simple and secure K Quote online application and get a quote immediately. There are 5 simple questions to pre-qualify, with no credit check and no social security number required. You can also call or email us and we will take care of the rest.  Be smart about your home loan and qualify today.


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We work conforming and non-conforming real estate loans.

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We can help you lock in a long term fixed rate and get out of your ARM.

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Term Rate APR Payment
30 Yr Fxd 4.25% 4.529%
15 Yr Fxd 3.75% 4.253%
5 Yr ARM 3.99% 4.908%
*=This is only an estimate, provided for illustrative purposes only. Actual rates and payments may vary. It does not constitute a quote.

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HARP or the Home Affordable Refinance Program is designed to help homeowners who are “underwater” in their mortgages refinance.

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There are lots of good reasons to choose an FHA loan.

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